Ice Huts of Quebec

«I place my images in a grid pattern. I think and refer to them as ‘Anonymous Sculptures’…… 3 dimensional folk art that can and are lived in for a certain period during the year. The elements these huts have in common is one of function; the differences relate to the peculiarities’ or vision of color and artwork of the individual ice fishermen who are the architects of these little buildings. The methodology of these images require two aspects: to be photographed straight on and be executed technically perfect – rendering the conceptualization of these photographs.

People ask “why do you not show the fisherman?” As a child, I watched these old men shuffling across the ice and disappear into their huts. I imagined the huts expanding – like the wide expanse of the frozen lake – to accomodate their conscious and unconscious thoughts of roads taken, or not, the might-have-beens or, perhaps, just plain contentment. I would wait for hours but they did not come out. Photography is about memory. This is what I remember……………»

Fujicolor - Crystal Matte. All images 16" H x 20" W

Ice Hut #1
Ice Hut # 2
Ice Hut #3
Ice Hut #4
Ice Hut #5
Ice Hut #6
Ice Hut #7
Ice Hut #8
Ice Hut #9
Ice Hut #10
Ice Hut #11
Ice Hut #12