Ode To A Cowboy

When I was a child I wanted to be a Cowboy

I raced around my Father's golf course

with my friend

I was Roy Rogers, Gene Autry, Dale Evans.....

no Gender, with my Fancied Horse.

On Friday nights in the basement of St. Malachy's Church

Watching Cowboy movies; with my Acme Cowboy boots

My Father had brought me from New York, I slept,


A little while ago, in the middle of Florida, I saw Cattle & Cowboys!

Searching, I found Head Cowboy who let me follow him and his

Sidekicks on a round-up. Tourist have never seen early, early

morning Daybreak on a Range in the Heartland. Too much Sand in

Their Eyes. No matter. The sun comes up very slowly along the

edge of the land and

Drops of Water on Grass & Tumbleweed

Shiny and glisten and sparkle across the Landscape looking like

Snowflakes.....Sunddenly, a single shaft of Gold Light shines down

from a Hazy Pink Sky and finds it's mark On a Solitary Tree

Lighting it Up.....And the Single Cowboy

Slowly making his way toward that Huge Cluster of Cows out there

On the Western Edge. Oh, I see now - they Do have a Game Plan

Round-up is not Easy. This way it Begins and I follow Them

Around on the All Terrain buggy Jimmy has brought me - Bouncing &

Bumping over Sawgrass and Ditches - Happy Happy Happy Happy

Shooting Shooting Shooting - Everything I See! It is like a Performance

BUT It is Real.....I am A Cowgirl !!!!!!!!

Susan Georgette


Northern Ft. Meyers, Fla. - 2016