Working Cowboys Of Florida


Breaking the myth of that American Icon portrayed by the Hollywood movies of the 40's and 50's, this is a portrait of the real cowboy - the first cowboys in the United States. They are the Florida Cowboys - living legacies to the longest history of ranching in America and guardians of the landscape that has shaped them.

Hernandez de Soto (1497 - 1542), the Spanish explorer, was the first person to intro-duce cattle to North America and the first place he did that was in Florida.

Far away from the bright lights and hoopla of the Rodeo, which is pretty much the only activity of cowboys we hear about in modernity, I try to present some insight into the realities of life for these true cowboys, their community and the land and animals they nurture. Hardworking, God-fearing and respectful of life, these cow-boys are farmers of a sort - like the wheat or corn farmers - and the purpose of their activity is growing meat.

The Florida Cowboy - born to this land, attached to and loving it - every blade of grass, every rolling sagebrush, the magnificent sunrise, the cattle, wild animals and exotic birds. He loves his work, the camaraderie of his companions, the acceptance of his community. He belongs. He owns his freedom, liberty. His space..................

  • Sunrise In The Heartland
  • Getting Started - I
  • Getting Started - II
  • God's Country
  • Taking A Break
  • After The Round-Up
  • Rounding-Up
  • In The Pen
  • The Beauty Of Braham
  • Cowboy's Rig
  • The Red-Head
  • Guiding The Herd
  • Florida Working Cowboy
  • Untitled
  • DeSoto Diner
  • After Irma
  • Paysleigh
  • Cowboy & The Medecin Cart